The Keys to Dutch: for the newbies·The Keys to Dutch: for the not so newbies anymore

What we are reading at the moment

Did you just start learning Dutch and are looking for a good book that suits your level? Or are you a bit more advanced (Intermediate level) and want to expand your vocab? What better way to do that than with good children’s books.

This is a list of books my students are reading at the moment and are very enthusiastic about.


Enjoy reading, and remember the number one rule: don’t look up all the words, just the ones you come across a couple of times!




Classic book series by Annie M.G. Schmidt. Everyone should own one of her books.


Crazy and spooky story with a surprising plot!


About a boy who wants to be a hero by acclaimed author Carry Slee.


A very sweet story about a frog.


This one deals with a bit more serious questions of life and is suitable for students on Intermediate level.


And finally, a classic in Dutch children’s literature. About a boy from our age who gets send back to the Middle Ages. One big adventure!


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