The Keys to Dutch: for the newbies

The app you need to start using right now!

You just started learning Dutch and wonder how you can make the words from Chapter One actually stick. You make notes during the class, but find yourself never looking back through your disorganized notebook. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually memorize the vocab and really impress your teacher?

There are so many flash card apps these days, but it’s the simplicity of this one that works the best for me. No distractions, no flashy stuff, just the thing that’s really important: the language. The app is called “Anki” and can be downloaded from this website or on your phone:

The great thing about this app is that you can make your own sets of words or phrases. But if you don’t feel like it or don’t have the time, you can easily download a public set of words made by someone else. I would still advise to put the words in “Anki” that you really have trouble with.

My students swear by this app, and I can really notice that the ones using it make the best progress. Use it every day 10-15 minutes and see it like a game or a puzzle, and you will actually enjoy it!


Enjoy learning Dutch with “Anki”!






2 gedachten over “The app you need to start using right now!

  1. … Yet another app based on a similar idea is LingoQuiz. Also simple, it also supports automatic translation (using Google Translate for example), so you don’t need to enter the translation manually. It offers 4 ways of studying – just guessing, typing exactly, choosing out of 4 or matching pairs. And it reminds you when it is time to study, if you ask.

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