5 Weeks Intensive Beginners Course coming up in April

Dear everyone,

You can now enroll in the 5 Weeks Intensive Course starting April 24. Learn all the basics of the language and immerse yourself in the Dutch culture in just 5 weeks time. Check out the schedule below (the schedule is flexible):

Time: 2,5 hour lessons 3 times per week on Monday (10h-12h30 or 13h-15h30) , Wednesday (10h-12h30) and Friday (10h-12h30).

Group: Private or 1-3 students

Duration: 5 weeks, 30 hours

Fee: € 624,90 p.p. (excl. BTW)

Level: A1+

Course material: all included!




Een gedachte over “5 Weeks Intensive Beginners Course coming up in April

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in join the course 5 weeks intensive course, But A2 level, do you offer this level?

    Or in other ways I am i interested in the inburgeren Training.

    I have did A1 already i n other academy but my goal is present the exam and of course start talking it daily.

    Which one could you recommend me?

    Kind regards

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