Inburgeringsexamen Training 2018

This course will prepare you for the Inburgeringsexamen. We will work with an official method designed for the Exam.  For this course, you will need to already have completed level A1.

Starting date: 30-04-2018

Time: Wednesdays 19h30-21h30 + Saturdays 11h-13h

Group: 2-3 students

Duration: 6 weeks, 24 hours + 2 additional weeks of Free Exam Training

Level: A1 – A2

Course Material: Code Plus Deel 2

Course fee: € 444,00 (excl. BTW)

We will focus on:

– Grammar on level A1-B1

– Pronunciation Training

– Everything you need to know about The Netherlands: culture and customs, geography, laws etc.

– Standard situations concerning several themes that will come up during the exam: buying and selling of goods, governmental and non-governmental services like applying for a document at the town hall or making an appointment with a realtor , health care system, relationships and customs, the system of education, art and culture, work and media.

– Training with older exams

– Additional Key to Dutch exams