Private lessons

I work with a flexible “strippenkaartsysteem” that works perfectly if your life is busy and you have to travel from time to time. Unlike with other language schools, you don’t lose your lesson if you cancel it less than 24 hours in advance. You can save it for the next opening in your calendar. This is done to give you more freedom in planning the classes, but we still do keep as much of a regular schedule as possible.

You can choose out of two options:

  • 10 lessons of 1,5 hours valid for 4 months (585,50 excl. BTW 21%)
  • 20 lessons of 1,5 hours valid for 7 months (1170,00 excl. BTW 21%)

After you have finished up your first round of classes, you will get a 10% discount on your next round of classes if you take an additional 10 lessons or 15% if you take another 20 lessons.


2 gedachten over “Private lessons

  1. Hello,

    A colleague has recommended you. I have just moved to Leiden and am looking for beginner Dutch lessons. I am interred in either private lessons or small group lessons. Do the small group lessons need to be paid up front?

    Many thanks,

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