“I had two courses with Mirsada. At that point, I was looking for an intensive course to prepare me for the official NT2 examen. Her course offered everything I needed, which is why I chose to study with her. Apart from her excellent skills in teaching Dutch to a non Dutch-speaker as myself, I was also impressed by her friendliness and never give-up attitude on her students. She was well prepared and invested plenty of extra hours apart from the time in the course itself, and she was always available in case I had any questions. We set the goal for passing the NT2 examen after 2 full courses, and YES, I did it – all thanks to Mirsada for her dedication, guidance and excellent support!  :)” Pum,  Thailand

“I contacted Key to Dutch because I needed some help with preparation for Inburgering exam. I thought that private lessons would be more useful because I followed two different courses before and I found it not very optimal to study Dutch in the group. All students have a different pace, different backgrounds and you don’t get much attention from the teacher there. Besides that my primary goal was to pass Inburgering exam asap, I could not find any courses which would specialize only on exam preparation.

Mirsada evaluated my level and made course program which fit my needs. During lessons we focused on speaking part, because this is where teacher’s help is needed the most. I was doing reading and writing as my homework. Mirsada provided me all necessary literature, so I did not have to buy anything myself. By the date of exam we went through all test exams several times and I was quite confident about it. I passed all my exams from the first attempt, so this private course worked out perfectly for me.
I was not the most diligent student and I really appreciated Mirsada’s patience and easy going attitude… and a lot of nice tea she offered every lesson. I would highly recommend Key to Dutch to anyone, because Mirsada carefully listens what are your needs and make a course program which helps to achieve exactly the result you need.”Evgeniya, Russia

“Mirsada’s patience and personality, along with the small group, made the lessons really individual and enjoyable. I’ll definitely be back again for the next level and would really recommend Key to Dutch for anyone thinking about Dutch lessons.”Rachel, England

“It is the first time that I am really satisfied with a language course. The small size of the group is just right, to have enough opportunities to speak, and also interact with others in dutch. My class was in the evening and even though I was tired after work, the time flew by – just because I enjoyed it so much. 
Mirsada is a very good teacher with profound knowledge and great interpersonal skills while being very easy going!! She is very dedicated to her work and would rather spend extra time on explaining things than finishing a class early.” – Magda, Austria

“Thanks a lot Mirsada!!!! Not only I passed my test but I also enjoyed studying with you, specially talking about everything in Dutch!!!!!”Gabriel, Argentina

“During the courses with Mirsada it was the first time I had fun learning Dutch. Each course felt like meeting a group of old friends. I loved the fact that we were only ever allowed to speak Dutch to each other, because it made it all feel a bit more real, and it made me realize that it’s doable. She took time to figure out the needs of each student separately, and encouraged me to get more in touch with everyday Dutch- listen to the radio, read a book (she gave me my first two dutch literature books!), speak whenever I can. There was a consistency in the course, and we were gradually encouraged to talk more. The group was very small (4students), and we always had enough time to round up the course. Also, she was very flexible with taking an extra half hour if needed or arranging an extra lesson free of charge. I think Mirsada is a great teacher because she managed to make me look forward to going to class.” – Persefoni, Greece

“What I especially liked during my courses with Mirsada was her individual approach to the students. I guess, this is what makes her courses so different. While you learn Dutch, she learns YOU! So you speak about things that attract YOU, you watch the videos that are interesting for YOU, and as the lessons go, you feel more and more that you actually build your own course. I highly doubt that Mirsada has two different students who followed exactly the same course material. Personally, I came for the Beginners course, but in the end we covered some parts of the Intermediate book  as well, and nearly half of the time we discussed different articles that I read in newspapers. After this “hybrid” course, I could proceed directly to the Advanced one. And this is exactly what I am talking about.

As a teacher, she has it all: sometimes she is a good actor, other times she is serious, always perceptive and open-minded, constantly preserving a cozy atmosphere. This altogether helps you to “break the ice” and to realize that it is actually even possible to understand all those weird sounds that people around you produce, not to mention that you will soon find yourself producing somewhat similar sounds…” – Dmitry, Israel

2 gedachten over “Testimonials

  1. Persefoni and Dimitry summed it up precisely. Mirsada invests a lot of time beyond your course schedule. We first met in a café having some nice coffee, where she started to get to know me and to plan a personalized course.
    You arrive at your lesson and the coziness you feel immediately makes you forget about your inhibition in speaking Dutch (thanks to the coffee, tea, cookies, self-made cake and the nicest cat ever: Heiki). Mirsada is very patient correcting all your mistakes over and over till you recognize they just disappeared. But, don’t be too lazy, otherwise you get to know Mirsada the dictator 🙂 . I never thought it might be fun learning Dutch, but after some time one starts just looking forward to the next course. The motivation stays, as with each lesson you see yourself improving more and more. You don’t only learn the words and grammar, but also a lot of useful phrases not found in books that you can easily apply in other instances. Your colleagues might be impressed!
    So far, I was starting with the intensive beginners course and continued with the intermediate evening course. Already the first week enabled me having some nice conversations. Thanks, Mirsada!!

    1. Thank you so much,Ben! That’s such a lovely testimonial (except for the dictator part,don’t know where you got that from… 😉 )
      But thank you for staying with me so long. We had so much fun together,and I will never forget you made the best cake I ever tasted – Giraffetorte – and how you brought joy and ethousiasm to the lessons :). Groet,

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