2 Weeks Beginners Course

This course is for everyone who wants to learn all the basics of the Dutch language in a short period of time.
We are working with a method that divides the lesson in four parts: reading, listening, vocabulary drilling and grammar. Written assignments are given as homework. This method has been proven to give best results, because it consists of connecting the vocabulary by a common theme, repetition and encouragement of speaking from the first class. The lessons therefore have a circular structure, that means that we start the lesson with listening (including pronunciation training), move on to reading and vocabulary drilling, then introduce new grammar and repeat everything again from the beginning, but this time in Dutch. You will find yourself speaking only Dutch before you know it.

Time: Monday-Friday 10-12h30 (earlier or later is possible as well)

Group: Private or no more than 3 students

Course Material: Nederlands in gang (included)

Duration: 25 hours

Fee: € 875,00 p.p. (excl. BTW)

Level: A1+


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